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Japanese green tea

Let's drink real healthy green tea! - from Kyoto, Japan

Matcha is a Japanese traditional stone grounded green tea powder which is known as super food.  Drink it!  It’s delicious and good for you! Matcha’s health benefits:
-High in Antioxidants (higher than blueberries, pomegranate)
-Burns Calories
… and much more !

Gifts from Japan

Japan made lunch boxes

Take your lunch in Japanese style !

Kimono wallets

Nishijin weaving, history of 1200 years - from Kyoto Japan

Mizuhiki accessories

Ancient Japanese art form using special cords...

Silk Scarves

from Kyoto, Japan

Our scarves are from a Japanese traditional weaver of Kimono accessories in Kyoto, Japan.  The north of Kyoto is famous for high quality silk fabric which is plainly woven and created with a special dying technique that has a history of more than 250 years.   It is also renowned for Chirimen (crape) material.  The scarves are actually used when wearing a Kimono as an accessory with the Obi (a wide sash to bind a Kimono) and it is shown a little above the Obi.  Kimono is known as a wearable art and you can also see an art in most of our scarves, not to mention beautiful luxurious silk!

Mini Kimono Bag

Upcycled from Vintage Kimono

Our mini kimono bags are upcycled by a Japanese lady from vintage Kimonos. The lady also makes beautiful miniature Kimono and exhibits her works in Japan as shown on the photo. She cleans Kimonos first and unstitch, then cut the pieces which fits in small scale from bigger scale of Kimono, add other material inside and on top of bags, sew them together then add the strings.

Gion Festival Kirie Art

From Kyoto Japan