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Image of elegantly packaged Matcha and Japanese loose tea gift boxes, each adorned with traditional Japanese designs. The Matcha gift box radiates a vibrant green, symbolizing the rich, powdered green tea it contains, while the loose tea box features serene, earthy tones, hinting at the variety of aromatic teas inside. Both boxes are tied with a delicate, silk-like ribbon, adding a touch of sophistication and making them perfect gifts for tea enthusiasts. j-okini is an online shop based in Malta.
Image showcasing a collection of Japanese Sakura themed items, including delicate cherry blossom ceramics, soft pink Sakura-patterned Furoshiki wrapping cloth, and intricately designed Sakura motif stationery. The items are artfully arranged against a serene, pastel background, embodying the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms in spring online shop is based in Malta
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Japanese green tea

Let's drink real green tea! - from Kyoto, Japan

Matcha is a Japanese traditional stone ground green tea powder which is known as super food.

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