I am from Japan and I have been living in Malta since 1999.  Japan being so far away from here, most people do not know about the country or the culture so much.  There are also so many ‘good things’ in Japan which you cannot find here.  I would like to introduce some ‘good things’ which you will find unique, traditional, sophisticated, practical and delicious as much as possible.


j-okini means ‘j’ for Japan and ‘okini’ comes from Ookini meaning ‘thank you’ in dialect of Kyoto – my home town.  The motto of j-okini is to introduce ‘good things’ from Japan and to please customers.


It was my father who suggested to me that we should sell Matcha Cappuccino to Europe.  He likes to stroll around with his bicycle in Kyoto and discover small yet traditional shops.  This is how he found a tea shop which sells Matcha Cappuccino.  The shop is established in 1859 and they are proud of their tea products and assure us their quality.


Through j-okini, we are not only selling the products from Japan, but also introducing Japanese culture and tradition to Europe.  Even the Japanese Kimono maker which we are getting scarves from, they would like to show the world their beautiful woven fabrics.  I’m very glad to have become a bridge to Europe for them.

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